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Not only nature. This could be the invitation addressed to anyone who would like to visit the area of Aurunci Mountains. As a matter of fact, the naturalistic beauties and the extraordinary landscape variety reveal further treasures and another heritage - the cultural and historical heritage - passing through the tastes and perfumes of the fascinating wine and gastronomy tradition able to conquer the most demanding palates.

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Grass Peas
Annual herbaceous plant (Lathyrus sativus), similar to the chick-pea plant. The cultivation does not require particular care. It is sown in spring and harvested in August. It does not require manuring and resists to low temperatures and drought. Further...
Category: Fresh Herbs
Marzolina has a tapered cylindrical shape and a weight going from 70 to 250 grams. It is exclusively prepared with goat's milk. It can be eaten fresh, with a characteristic delicate taste, or when it is mature: in this case, it has an intense, spicy,...
Category: Cheese
The sweet nectar produced by bees is one of the traditional products of Aurunci area. The mixed flower honey of Aurunci is produced from June to September and is stored by bees in the beehives (wooden boxes created to welcome one swarm of bees) scattered...
Category: Honey
Density, limpidity, and color are some of the essential features assessing the oil quality. With smell, you can perceive the intensity of the perfumes and the particular features of each cultivar, from fruity to vegetable and flower notes, to the spicy...
Category: Oil
Cornetto Sweet Pepper
Pontecorvo sweet pepper, particularly suitable to preserve, easy to digest and nourishing, is a sweet pepper belonging to the variety "longum". With a tapered cylindrical-conic shape, it has a bright red color and is trilobate. It weights from 160 to...
Category: Vegetables and Legumes
Itrana cultivar is widespread in the territory of the Park Municipalities. It is an olive variety with a twofold use: it is both pressed and used to prepare meal olives. The harvesting period goes from November (white or changing olive) to late April...
Category: Vegetables and Legumes
Fragrance is the secret of the so-called "casareccio" (homemade bread), which is still produced by various bakeries in all the Municipalities of Monti Aurunci Park. It is different from the common white bread for three particular features: wheat flour...
Category: Bread
Bred according to the traditional local methods, Aurunco bullocks have recently obtained the recognition of "traditional" product of Lazio, and have therefore a protected origin quality. The meat of Aurunco bullocks comes from very natural and local breeding...
Category: Autochthonous Breed and Meat
The pork meat sausage of Aurunci Mountains is prepared preferably with meat coming from local pigs, traditionally bred in a semi-wild state in the Aurunci area and fed in autumn with acorns of ilex trees or other oaks, roots and bulbs the Park forests...
Category: Cold Cuts
White wines are characterized by a perfume with marked flower and ripe fruit notes, a fairly sapid taste with a wide scale. Red wines have the characteristic perfumes of the Mediterranean maquis with notes of green berries at first and then, according...
Category: Wine
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