Parco Naturale Regionale dei Monti Lucretili


The Park location and the fact that it represents the first pre-Apennine mountain group facing the Roman Countryside make it easier to reach the Park in a short time both from Rome and from all the towns of the hinterland.


By Car

If you travel by car, you can choose among different ways of access to Monti Lucretili Regional Park. From Rome, the first big junction is without a doubt Grande Raccordo Anulare (GRA) giving the opportunity to choose various exits, each characterized by a growing numbering. If you want to reach the north-eastern side of the protected area, you can take exit N°8 of GRA and take the road SS 4 Via Salaria from Rome in the direction of Rieti (vice versa if you come from Rieti): you will reach the towns of Orvinio, Scandriglia, Poggio Moiano (northernmost edge of the Park), as well as Montorio Romano, Moricone, Monteflavio and Palombara Sabina towards the west. From exit N° 11 of GRA leading to the road SP 22/a Via Nomentana (direction Fonte Nuova) and from exit N° 12 of GRA S. Alessandro - Centrale del latte leading to SP 23/a Via Palombarese, after about 30 Km. you will reach Palombara Sabina, bordering on the Municipalities of Marcellina and S. Polo dei Cavalieri. From exit N° 13 of GRA you will get to the road SS 5 Via Tiburtina Valeria serving the whole southern side of the Park, linking to SS 636 Via Maremmana Inferiore which, from the area of Guidonia Montecelio, crosses the Park and joins Via Salaria. Exit N° 14 of GRA leads you to the Highway A 24 Roma - L'Aquila-Teramo ( - Infoviabilità 892525) which from the exits Tivoli, Castel Madama and Vicovaro-Mandela leads you to Vicovaro and in the valley of the stream Ticinese by going along SS 314 Via Licinese (in this case you will cross Roccagiovine, Licenza, Civitella di Licenza, Percile) and the Sabine town of Orvinio. If you travel along the highway Autostrada del Sole A1 Roma-Firenze ( - Infoviabilità 892525), you can take the exit at the toll booth of Fiano Romano, go along SS 4 Via Salaria and follow the above-mentioned directions to get to Lucretili Mountains.


By Train

Railway Stations

  • Rome - Pescara railway line from Tiburtina railway station (stops in Tivoli, Guidonia, Marcellina - Palombara, Castel Madama, Vicovaro - Mandela railway stations)

Public Transport


  • If you want to use the public means of transport, you can use the thick CO.TRA.L. service leaving from Rome (Rebibbia - terminus Metro B - Tiburtina - Metro B station) and from Rieti (Sabino section); moreover, you can use inner connections (for instance, from Tivoli towards the nearest centers), while Rome-Pescara railway line connects the suburban stations with the Park, like Tivoli and Vicovaro - Mandela.
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