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The Time of the wolf

Trekking on the trail of wolves with wildlife spotting

Thursday 20 June 2024

The time of the wolf is an ancient expression that refers to the transitional period between dusk and night and between night and dawn, when the sky takes on a dark blue hue and the world seems to be enveloped in a mysterious and silent atmosphere. This time has often been associated with the arrival of wolves, who come out of their shelter to hunt and forage for food. Winter, spring and late summer are great times of the year to learn about and attempt to spot wolves, fascinating and elusive predators. In winter the herd is gathered to spend the difficult season in the best possible way and it is easier to find traces and signs of presence on the snowy ground, the birth of herbivore cubs in spring and the vulnerability of deer in love in late summer improve the hunting possibilities and therefore the probability of spotting them. Ancient legends tell that the paths of man follow those of wolves: what is certain is that very often we see their footprints on our paths. We will walk on these paths and in the most favorable hours of morning twilight and attempt the sighting with a naturalistic observation session in their natural environment in the mountains, with the help of binoculars and the guide's professional equipment.


  • Experience a real wildlife viewing session dedicated to the wolf, with the help of binoculars and the guide's professional equipment.
  • Follow your guide's explanations and stories, and learn about the wolf and the environment in which it lives.
  • Experience the thrill of the night ascent to the observation site.
  • Soak up the stillness of the 'time of the wolf' as the light of dawn illuminates the mountains

📞349 3938773 (Jessica D'Andrea)


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Towns: Opi (AQ), Pescasseroli (AQ), Villetta Barrea (AQ)
Province: L'Aquila Region: Abruzzo
Organization: JD Trek
Info Email: Info Line: 3493938773
The Time of the wolf
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