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The tastes of the Park

Alta Murgia local cuisine is characterized both by the several essences growing spontaneously in the territory (cicoriella, fennel, grape hyacinth, trumpet mushroom) and by products deriving from agricultural activities, like durum-wheat semolina from which we obtain a fine bread (Altamura Bread), as well as focacce, taralli, biscuits, and pasta. From sheep breeding, we obtain some typical dairy products, like canestrato pugliese, fior di latte, ricotta forte and meat dishes based on lamb, kid, and sheep. The most famous dishes are roasted lamb or kid, lamb roulades, stewed lamb with vegetables, and cooked sheep, served with several vegetables and cooked in a clay amphora in the wood oven.
In some town, like Andria, Corato, and Ruvo, dishes based on horse meat (brasciole a ragù) are widespread.
An essential ingredient for Alta Murgia cuisine is fine oil, which is produced in all the Municipalities of the area, in particular in the piedmont strip.
The local oil has obtained the PDO label for Terra di Bari-Bitonto.
Among the wines, Gravina DOC, Gioia del Colle, Castel del Monte and many others, of local production, characterized by the label Murge IGT.

The tastes of the Park
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Famous since ancient times, the Cardoncello (Pleurotus eryngii) can be found throughout the Murgian territory and is considered one of its most exquisite mushrooms. It is dark, fleshy, firm and of unmistakable taste. During Medieval times it was particularly...
Category: Vegetables and Legumes
Until a few years ago, the cicerchia was barely ever used. Recently this vegetable has regained its role as a typical peasant dish. Its taste is similar to the ones of the broad bean and the chickpea. It has found its ideal habitat in Alta Murgia and...
Category: Vegetables and Legumes
The pampasciuni (Apulian dialect word for lampascioni) is a distant relative of the garlic, but it differs from it in both shape and taste. It is a herbaceous plant (Leopolia comosa is its scientific name) common in the mediterranean territory. It is...
Category: Vegetables and Legumes
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