Parco Nazionale dell'Arcipelago di La Maddalena


Almost every Park in Italy takes care of a great heritage of local products. Rediscovering this heritage and making the most of it means not only to safeguard biodiversity, but also to support traditional activities and local economy in general.

In La Maddalena there is a tradition according to which fishermen hand down their profession from father to son: fish represents a main element in many local traditional dishes which also make reference to the traditions of Gallura.
The gilthead, sea bass, dentex, and sea bream are among the most valuable fish together with the most common annular seabream, saddled bream, mullet and white bream, or the so-called shellfish: cockle, murex, sea urchin, and mussels. Also the octopus, squid, and cuttlefish are very good, both in salad and roasted. To mention also the Sardinian gnocchi with tomato and sausage sauce, the roasted suckling-pigs, and cheese such as the sweet fischedda. There are several traditional sweets characterizing the cuisine of Gallura: papassine, honey seadas, and formaggelle. The craftsmanship is today strongly influenced by tourism and deals with ceramics, as well as with gold and coral objects working.

Fished for Ziminu
Fished for Ziminu
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