Underwater routes Pianosa - Point SP7

  • Trail Conditions: Diving

    The diving point SP7 is characterized by the presence of a rocky formation with base situated at a -50 m depth and walls having N-S sub-vertical direction leading to the summit of the shallows at a -27 m depth. The diving starts with a descent along the horizontal wall characterized by the typical pre-coralligenous population, by a wide facies consisting of the tunicate ascidian Clavelina lepadiformis. Going down towards the base of the shallows, divers will meet a vertical wall with E-SE exposure where they will observe extraordinary facies with Eunicella cavolinii and precious and majestic fans of Paramuricea clavata, the real feather in the cap of this diving site.

    Difficulty level: depending on the depth and presence of sea bottom sea currents with N-S direction, this route is for experienced divers only. 

    Authorized diving

    Manta ray
    Manta ray
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