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Vatolla Onion

The name comes from a hamlet of the Perdifumo municipality. The onion has a tapered shape and the outer skin has a straw-pink color; it is quite large (from 400-500 grams to more than one kilo). It is very sweet and has a delicate bouquet, slightly sharp. This onion is extremely appreciated for its high digestibility: furthermore can be cut without crying!
It is sown between fall and winter and is ready in April-May. Can be consumed fresh, after a short preservation period (2-3 months). Can be also used as an ingredient for salads and omelets and it is traditionally used for soup, thanks to its delicate flavor and high digestibility.
This variety is mainly cultivated by families in their own land, generally for home consumption, and is grown by farmers according to instructions handed down from the past: the only difference is the greater distances between the plants that allow the bulbs to reach larger dimensions.

Onion from Vatolla
Onion from Vatolla
The Producers
Typology: Others
Locality: Perdifumo (SA)
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