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DOP Buffalo milk mozzarella from Campania

One of the most popular Italian products in the world. PDO Buffalo milk mozzarella is a "pasta filata" cheese (stretched curd) which is exclusively made with buffalo milk from Campania and produced with a process that meets the PDO specification. Buffalo milk has a different composition from cow or sheep kind of milk, as it is rich in protein, fat and calcium.

Furthermore, does not contain carotenoids therefore the mozzarella is very bright, almost a porcelain white color. Besides the spherical cheese, packed with its preserving liquid into a 20 grams format (cherries, bites, pearls), the PDO specifications allow other types of shape such as knots or braids up to three kilograms.

The Producers
Typology: Dairies
Locality: Padula (SA)
Typology: Others
Locality: Perito (SA)
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