Parco Nazionale del Cilento, Vallo di Diano e Alburni

In the Depths of the Earth

Morigerati and Bussento Cave

  • Trail Conditions: On foot
  • Interest: Flora, Wildlife, Hystory
  • Departure: Morigerati (142m)
  • Arrival: Risorgenza e Grotta del Bussento (272m)
  • Duration: 1 hour/s
  • Difficulty Level: E - Hiking (level)
  • Length: 1 km
  • Difference in height: 130m
  • Recommended Period: from March to November

River Bussento, having its source on the southern slope of Mt. Cervati, near Caselle in Pittari disappears in a huge swallow hole and reappears, after a mysterious journey in the depths of the earth, after a few kilometers in the south, below the town of Morigerati.
The whole area offers one of the most beautiful landscapes of the Park and is of great naturalistic interest.
The walk leaves from Morigerati with a wonderful paved mule track partly dug into the rock that, after a series of downhill hairpin bends, leads to the entrance of the cave. Then you enter the cave taking a narrow stone flight of steps and cross the deep and spectacular canyon dug by the river on two small wooden bridges.
Outside, the river offers spectacular views along the gorge, where the clear water forms rapids and waterfalls. For its extraordinary naturalistic and landscape beauty, the whole area deserves a long stop.

River Bussento in Morigerati
River Bussento in Morigerati
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