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The Products of Cilento and Vallo di Diano

Cilento is a land rich in agricultural and craftsmanship traditions.
The agricultural activities are still carried out with traditional and non-intensive methods and give birth to quality products which are characteristic of the famous "Mediterranean diet".
The intense craftsmanship activity creates products of great beauty and extraordinary skill.

Prickly pear
Prickly pear
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Cilento, an area very rich in vegetation and above all in forests, is very important also for the production of chestnuts. Roccadaspide chestnuts (also called marroni di Roccadaspide) are very famous, together with Alburni chestnuts. They have a medium...
Category: Fruit
Cilento White Fig
Cilento white fig has exclusive features: a yellow-green skin, an abundant pulp, and a very sweet taste. About 80,000 tons/year are produced. It can be eaten fresh, dried, or as a syrup. Dried figs are without a doubt an aristocratic production in the...
Category: Fruit
It is peeled and sun-dried fig that represents most typical product Cilento can offer. Obtained from the white fig of Cilento - which is a high quality PDO* product - drying is made through a slow traditional dehydration process, after having peeled the...
Category: Fruit
Roccadaspide chestnut IGP
Roccadaspide chestnut, named after its ecotype, is part of the genetic group of chestnuts located in Campania and related to the cultivar-mother "Marrone di Avellino". The production area is in the Salerno province, in particular Alburni, Calore and part...
Category: Fruit
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