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The historical activities of Cinque Terre were agriculture, which drew the famous terraced landscape, and fishing. There was no cellar in Cinque Terre without jars containing anchovies, and the smell of wine and fish merged in a historic symbiosis.
To this end it is interesting to quote what the painter Renato Birolli wrote in August in 1955: From the geometrical vineyards the grape will soon climb down, from the sea fish always comes up. The one who goes fishing is the one who climbs the vineyards. The wine production and the culinary recipes are a proof of the local tradition and of the lifestyle of the Cinque Terre's inhabitants; they represent a real expression of the local culture.

Typical products
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The cultivation of lemons has been carried out in the Cinque Terre since the 17th century. In the past they were known as "citroni", and today they offer a wide range of products. This ancient food, symbol of the territory, found here favorable soil and...
Category: Fruit
The honey of the Cinque Terre is the consequence of a natural and unpolluted environment characterized by the absence of chemical impacts, and it belongs to a natural oasis which has kept its natural features unchanged: from the flowers of the natural...
Category: Honey
This olive oil is produced only in limited quantities, and it is obtained from the olives given by the farmers living within the territory of the Cinque Terre National Park. It maintains all the organoleptic properties deriving from the olives traditionally...
Category: Oil
Monterosso Salted Anchovies
Traditional dish of the Cinque Terre; they are processed according to the ancient recipe of Monterosso al Mare. Known as "pan du ma", anchovies are fished with the lampara net traditional method and with a surrounding net, and they are processed by hand...
Category: Fish
Cinque Terre DOC Wine
The thousand-year-old cultivation of the grapevine represented for the Cinque Terre an element able to deeply change its appearance. In fact, in the past, agriculture was the main activity in this area, and it was especially dedicated to the grapevine...
Category: Wine
The Sciacchetrà is a sweet straw wine produced in the Cinque Terre and obtained from the grapes coming from the vineyards Bosco, Albarola and Vermentino. If the origins of this name seems to be shrouded in mystery - some think it comes from the...
Category: Wine
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