Parco Nazionale Dolomiti Bellunesi

Dolomiti Cheese

Dolomiti cheese is a "dairy" cheese deriving from the Bellunesi kasel tradition. In the production of Dolomiti cheese, particular attention is paid to the raw material mainly coming from mountain areas, which makes unique and characteristic the taste and genuineness of the cheese. Dolomiti cheese with the Park label is obtained exclusively with the milk coming from the territory of the 15 Park Municipalities. Moreover, the production process does not include preservatives, either for the texture or the rind.
Dolomiti cheese has a semi-cooked texture, semihard and semi-matured. It has a thin and smooth rind, slightly streaked with a pale yellow color. The texture has small and scattered holes, white or pale yellow, with an intense and pleasant taste. The milk used to prepare the cheese is mainly obtained from Bruna Alpina cows: after pasteurization, it is transformed with rennet, and is characterized by a specific addition of local milk rich in autochthonous bacterial flora. After a careful maturation in premises with constant temperature and humidity, the cheese is ready. It can be a semi-matured cheese to eat with roasted polenta and a fine glass of red wine or, cut into thicker slices, processed or grilled.

The Producers
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