Parco Nazionale delle Foreste Casentinesi, Monte Falterona, Campigna

Visitor Centers

The Visitor Centers of Foreste Casentinesi National Park

Foreste Casentinesi National Park is committed to a constant activity of promotion of the values and aims of the protected area. In order to enrich this activity, together with a number of initiatives, many Visitor Centers have been opened.
The main aim of these structures is to provide instruments to stir the visitors' curiosity, interest, and imagination, teaching them to respect nature. The territory is presented and explained with videos, slides, relief models, suggestions, and didactic games creating a contact between the visitor and the culture, the traditions and, above all, the nature of the protected area. Each structure houses a general presentation of the territory, which develops according to a specific theme, different in every Visitor Center.
The Visitor Centers are open in spring and summer and during the Easter holidays. The Visitor Centers in Bagno di Romagna (FC), Badia Prataglia (AR), and S. Sofia (FC) are open during the whole year.

Further information

Didactic workshop
Didactic workshop
Badia Prataglia - Poppi Visitor Center
Location: Badia Prataglia (AR)
Specialties: Woodlands and Forests
Bagno di Romagna Visitor Center
Bagno di Romagna Visitor Center
Geology and Mineral Water Therapy
Location: Bagno di Romagna (FC)
Specialties: Woodlands and Forests
Camaldoli Info Point and Ornithological Museum
Location: Camaldoli (AR)
Specialties: Religion
Castagno d'Andrea - San Godenzo Visitor Center
Location: San Godenzo (FI)
Specialties: Geology
Info Point c/o La Verna Sanctuary
Location: Chiusi della Verna (AR)
Specialties: Religion
Info Point in Campigna 'La Villetta'
Location: Santa Sofia (FC)
Info Point in Santa Sofia
Location: Santa Sofia (FC)
Specialties: Traditions
Info Point in Tredozio
Location: Tredozio (FC)
Specialties: Wildlife
Londa Visitor Center
Location: Londa (FI)
Premilcuore Visitor Center
Location: Premilcuore (FC)
Specialties: Wildlife
San Benedetto in Alpe - Portico San Benedetto Visitor Center
Location: San Benedetto in Alpe (FC)
Specialties: History
The Park Planetary
The Park Planetary
A permanent structure dedicated to astronomy for educational activities and promotion
Location: Pratovecchio Stia (AR)
Specialties: Astronomy
Valbonella Botanical Garden
Location: Corniolo (FC)
Specialties: Flora
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