The Tastes of Gran Paradiso

The alpine valleys in Piedmont and Valle d'Aosta are rich in local products and dishes, the real treasures of these areas that have been handed down over the centuries and you can still taste. In Piedmont, cheese production includes the cow's toma, cold cuts production includes the famous potato salami, and the dessert production, together with the traditional confectionery (torcetti, paste di meliga, giuraije), there are recent products like biscuits and Nivolet cake. In Valle d'Aosta, fontina and fromadzo are PDO cheese, mocetta is a cold cut made with various meat pieces dipped in salt and aromas and subsequently dried and seasoned, while boudin is a horseshoe-shaped salami based on beetroot. Desserts include tegole, butter torcetti, and mecoulin, a raisin bread made in Cogne; wines, although the quality is not so high because of the extreme climatic conditions, include excellent products like Petit Arvin, Premetta, Vin de la Sabla, and the traditional Torrette, Chardonnay, Gamay. The honey production is strong in all the valleys.

Tastes of Gran Paradiso
Tastes of Gran Paradiso
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Giuraje (sugared almonds)
These typical sweets are made by some bakeries in the Park, which use local hazelnuts instead of almonds. They were once offered by the bride and groom together with the wedding invitation; now Giuraje are used for baptisms, holy communions, confirmations...
Category: Sweets
It is a delicious bread with raisins. You can find it in Cogne confectioner's shops, prepared according to an ancient tradition.
Category: Sweets
Nivolet Cake
A confectionery specialty born from the gastronomy competition held in Ceresole Reale during the 2003 event "A piedi tra le nuvole". The ingredients are flour, starch, butter, sugar, eggs, and chocolate. However, what makes it so special is genepy, a...
Category: Sweets
A classical gluttonous souvenir of Valle d'Aosta, tegole (literally meaning roofing-tiles) are round biscuits made with wheat flour, egg white, hazelnuts, sweet and bitter almonds. Their production in the Vallée confectioner's shops began...
Category: Sweets
Genepy (Artemisia glacialis)
Artemisia glacialis is a plant naturally growing in the Alps at an altitude of over 2.000 - 2.500 meters. It is included in the "Artemisia" family, a large, diverse genus of plants with more than 200 species belonging to the daisy family Asteraceae.
Category: Fresh Herbs
Fontina PDO
It is one of the most famous Italian cheese, PDO since 1995. It was produced and is still produced with the raw milk of the pie rouge cow breed which, during the summer, grazes in the high-mountain pastures scented with flowers and aromatic essences....
Category: Cheese
Toma d'alpeggio
Toma is a cheese produced throughout the Alpine arc, especially in the Piemonte region. Interestingly, it tends to crop up in those areas where the classic mountain "fontina" and"fromadzo" cheese has less of a presence. Even though the Toma produced in...
Category: Cheese
Local honey produced in the Park territory is the result of the generous alpine flora, including the Rhododendron, from which the homonymous honey is obtained. However, besides the Rhododendron we should also mention the alpine mixed flowers, the chestnut...
Category: Honey
Sticks and mountain bread
The ancient art of baking has remained the same over time, keeping alive flavors and traditions. Several types of bread (with nuts, corn, cereals, soy, whole wheat flour and rye) and handmade breadstick are produced by selecting genuine ingredients: water,...
Category: Bread
A classical product of Valle d'Aosta traditional cuisine (the name is read according to the French pronunciation, budèn). It is a sausage which was originally made by mixing the pig's blood with boiled potatoes, turnips or red beetroots,...
Category: Cold Cuts
Also called motzetta, it is a local product of Valle d’Aosta and Canavese area, consisting of preserved meat. It was once made with the boned leg of the alpine ibex; since this ruminant is part of the protected wildlife of Gran Paradiso National...
Category: Cold Cuts
This kind of ham has a unique and savory taste, resulting from the combination of two simple ingredients (meat and salt) and a long, slow aging period. To get the very best flavour from this ham it is important to select the best pig legs, prepared with...
Category: Cold Cuts
Potato Salami
A local product of Canavese and Biellese areas, it was one of the most classical devices to increase the food at the disposal of the families living in the countryside. Traditionally it was prepared the day in which the pig was killed and it still...
Category: Cold Cuts
Valle d'Aosta or Vallée d'Aoste Doc
Despite of the unfavorable climatic and soil conditions, here excellent wines are produced, even if in limited quantities.
Category: Wine
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