Parco Nazionale del Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga


The History
In the Abruzzi's mountain zones potato has represented for a long time an important sustenance source for the locals who differentiate the cultivated varieties. This happened because the difficulties to cultivate in the mountains were more than those to cultivate in the plains, and the wise farmers used to cultivate different varieties in order to have a good harvest in any eventuality.
Today, most of the varieties are only a memory of the elderly farmers, such as the "patata fiocco di neve" (meaning "snowflake potato"), whereas they managed to keep the "patata turchesa" (a purple potato). The potato crops on the mountains is still common and guarantees good results. The town of Monterele (AQ) is connected to the tradition of the area's best potatoes.

Further information

The Producers
Typology: Agricultural Holdings
Locality: Torricella Sicura (TE)
Typology: Others
Locality: Montebello di Bertona (PE)
Typology: Agricultural Holdings
Locality: Montereale (AQ)
Typology: Agricultural Holdings
Locality: L'Aquila (AQ)
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