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The agricultural vocation of the Park territory makes it a precious deposit of several and unique agricultural products representing one of the most important features of the famous basket of local products of Basilicata.

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This cheese is the cherry on top of an excellent regional production, which has at its basis a special milk: the one given by the Podolica, a fine breed which is bred wild in pastures rich of aromatic plants, bushes and undergrowth plants, which give...
Category: Cheese
Quality Brands:
Slow Food Presidium
Mature Canestrato of Moliterno
The name of the product with PGI label is "Canestrato di Moliterno Stagionato" (Mature Canestrato of Moliterno). It is obtained from the transformation of milk coming from goats and sheep mainly fed in the pastures, with fresh fodder or hay produced in...
Category: Cheese
Once known as the truffle of the poor, the horseradish is a root vegetable harvested on the hills in the Lucan inlands. It should be eaten in February for one to appreciate its full richness, penetrating and strong fragrance and elaborated flavour with...
Category: Vegetables and Legumes
Sarconi Beans
They are produced in a large strip of Park territory in the Municipalities of Sarconi, Grumento Nova, Marsiconuovo, Marsico Vetere, Moliterno, Montemurro, Paterno, San Martino d'Agri, Spinoso, Tramutola, Viggiano.
Category: Vegetables and Legumes
The Lucanica, typical sausage made in a Basilicata area around the Picerno municipality, is more than a gastronomic product. It is the symbol and result of a Lucan peasant society strictly connected to the cult of the pig. A civilization which has managed...
Category: Cold Cuts
Lucan Truffle
Basilicata is a land in which one can find high quality truffles, even though it may not be as well known for them as other Italian regions. This feature is not only supported by the excellent culinary traditions based on this tuber, but backed by rather...
Category: Truffles
This is a wine produced solely in the Park area, following a recipe from 1000 A.D., kept in the Grumento Nova museum. The base of this wine is a Bordolese dell'Alta Val d'Agri with 20 percent Aglianico, to which cinnamon, black pepper, ginger...
Category: Wine
Terre dell'Alta Val D'Agri wines with a Controlled Designation of Origin (DOC label, obtained with Ministerial Decree of 4th September 2003) are obtained from grapes coming from vineyards situated in the Municipalities of Viggiano, Grumento Nova,...
Category: Wine
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