A borderland between Piedmont and Lombardy, the valleys of Ossola area including Val Grande had and still have an important cold cut tradition: in the past, they were famous for the ham obtained from pigs and goats, for their salami and dried beef, for mortadella. The valley was famous for the pigs bred in a wild state that, during the summer, were brought to the summer pastures with a ring in their nose, so that they could not damage the pastures while rooting around. Cheese-making is an even more ancient tradition, documented before the year 1000. Ossolano d'Alpe cheese (whole milk) and Ossolano or Mezzapasta or Spress cheese (partially skimmed milk) are important products. Also very good goat's milk cheese is produced. Goat breeding, taking place for at least eight-nine months a year in the pastures, is also important for the production of meat and cold cuts. Last but not least, bread production (the most ancient are Coimo brown bread and pan dolce), as well as honey, mushrooms, and berries are worth a mention. The latter are used to prepare top-quality jam.
The Park Authority combines the safeguard of its environmental and cultural heritage with the safeguard of its local products promoted, among the other things, through the gastronomy festival "I Sentieri del Gusto", a traditional event held every autumn in the Province of Verbano Cusio Ossola.

Local ham from Valle Vigezzo
Local ham from Valle Vigezzo
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Extra Jam
Extra jam is prepared with fresh season fruit and is processed at temperatures not over the 65°C in order to maintain all the vitamin properties and the organoleptic features of the raw materials. In the preparation, neither jelling agents, nor pectin,...
Category: Preserves
Offelle di Vogogna
Handcrafted biscuit born from tradition and the highest quality of the ingredients that, carefully dosed, contain the flavours of our territory. It is available in three varieties: classic, chocolate and blueberries. The "Offelle di Vogogna" is a registered...
Category: Sweets
Ossolano Cheese (or Mezzapasta or Spress)
It is the founder of all the mountain cheese produced in Ossola and Sesia Valley. It is a fat cheese characterized by a longer maturation process and, therefore, it must be produced with partially skimmed milk. The rounds have a variable weight (from...
Category: Cheese
Val Grande Goat Cheese
In the past, when the subsistence of the mountaineers living in the Alps exclusively depended on their own territory, also the most impracticable stretches of land used to be exploited: therefore, the impracticable meadows dominating Val Grande were characterized...
Category: Cheese
Valgrande Honey
The richness of the vegetation and the variety of flowers given by the thermal influence of Lago Maggiore represent one of the most fascinating beauties of Val Grande National Park. Symphonies of fragrances and perfumes caress the slopes of Val Grande,...
Category: Honey
Coimo Brown Bread
Coimo brown bread has very ancient origins. In the past, it was produced with buck wheat flour, while today it is produced with rye wholemeal flour (80-90%), wheat flour, water, salt, yeast, and brewer's yeast. The loaf of bread has a round and flat...
Category: Bread
Val Grande Beef
The meat comes from a small herd of cows climbing every summer the northern slope of Val Grande to Scaredi Pass, to go down then to Alpe La Balma.
Category: Autochthonous Breed and Meat
The mountain community of Val Vigezzo is characterised, according to tradition, by the breeding of goats, a feature which has always played an important part in the economy of the Alpine territory.
Category: Autochthonous Breed and Meat
Ossolan fresh pasta and gnocchi
The Ossolan bakeries aim at creating and spreading typical specialties of the Ossola valleys. The recipes of the products, such as gnocchi, fresh pasta and stuffed pasta, reflect the history and traditions of the Ossola production, trying to enhance the...
Category: Rice Pasta and Cereals
Val d'Ossola's corn meal
The corn cultivation at Ossola has deep roots and dates back to a time when corn plants were used whole and it was customary to plant the fields based on the needs of the population. The town of Beura (municipality of the Park) wanted to discover its...
Category: Rice Pasta and Cereals
Goat's violin
This is a small goat's ham which gets its name for its curious shape. In fact, the goat's thigh and shoulder have the shape of a violin. The animal's paw looks like a handle and the muscle mass like a Stradivarius case.
Category: Cold Cuts
Ossola Valley Cold Cuts
Ossola Valley cold cuts maintain in their meat a great richness of perfumes and tastes linked to their land of origin: animal fragrances, as well as fragrances of forest and undergrowth, chestnuts and dry fruits combine with softness, sweetness, juiciness,...
Category: Cold Cuts
Ossola's Mortadella
If when you think of a mortadella what comes to mind is a classic pink cooked sausage cut in large slices (the so-called "Bologna", in other words) then you are wrong. Val d'Ossola's mortadella is something else entirely. This delicious sausage,...
Category: Cold Cuts
When we talk about bresaola, thoughts immediately turn to Valtellina, Lombard land known for the production of this meat which has for a long time now achieved the IGP. Less known, but of equally ancient tradition, is the bresaola of Val d'Ossola,...
Category: Cold Cuts
Vigezzo Valley Local Ham
Vigezzo Valley local ham is characterized by its ancient processing method which originally took place also in the Municipality of Trontano, at the mouth of the Valley. After a period of forty days during which it gets pickled, the pig leg gets smoked...
Category: Cold Cuts
Prunent Wine
The legendary Prunent is the characteristic local wine whose presence in Ossola is historically documented since the 14th century. It has very peculiar features linked to the territory and the vine. It has a bright garnet color with orange reflections....
Category: Wine
Cosmetics made up of donkey milk
Innovative line of dermocosmetic products for the body (face, lips, hands, body care and personal cleansing) made up of donkey milk.
Category: Further Products
Products in Syrup
Products in syrup are prepared with fresh fruits and fructose syrup, without adding either preservatives or colorings. In the case of fruits flavored with wine, fine vines have been chosen to create ancient and modern recipes.
Category: Further Products
Sauce, practical and tasty, are prepared with fresh tomatoes and vegetables, extra-virgin olive oil, and are processed at temperatures of no over 65°C to maintain all the vitamin properties and organoleptic features of the raw materials. During the...
Category: Further Products
"Sott'Olio" vegetables (vegetables in oil) are prepared with fresh vegetables, without adding neither preservatives nor colorings and are acidified (when necessary) exclusively with white wine vinegar. In any case, only extra-virgin olive oil is used....
Category: Further Products
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