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The European Day of Parks 2006

The European Day of Parks

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Initiatives on the occasion of the European Day of Parks in Parco dei Nebrodi

  • Saturday 20th May, at 10.00 a.m.
    "All Aboard!"
    Inauguration of the service by carriage pulled by horses from Portella Miraglia to Portella Calacudera.

  • Sunday 21st May
    "Piccola Grande Italia" - S. Stefano di Camastra
    In collaboration with Legambiente Nebrodi, event "Voler bene all'Italia" with: visit to craftsman workshops, exhibit of the art contest "Metamorfosi dell'Acqua", guided tasting of local products, performance of ethnic music.

  • Wednesday 24th May, at 10.30 a.m.
    "The Den of the Ideas"
    Inauguration of the educational-didactic workshop on the biodiversity of the Park in the headquarters of Alcara Li Fusi.

  • Wednesday 31st May, at 10.30 a.m.
    "Run in the Park"
    Sports-didactic event in location Piano Cicogna, in collaboration with Istituto Comprensivo in Cesarò.

  • Wednesday 31st May, at 6.30 p.m.
    National Journalistic Prize "Parco dei Nebrodi"
    Prize-giving ceremony in Sala Consiliare, in the Municipality of Cesarò.

During the week from 20th to 28th May 2006, assistance during the following group activities:

1. Workshops on biodiversity in "Tana delle Idee" in Alcara Li Fusi and guided visits to Carnai del Grifone (contact the Visitor Center in Alcara Li Fusi - 0941/793904)
2. Educational-didactic activities in Area del Capriolo in Galati Mamertino (contact the Association "Amici della Terra" - 339/4596672)
3. Itinerary on foot Portella Femmina Morta - Lago Maulazzo (contact the office in Cesarò - Tel. 095/7732061)
4. Didactic itinerary in the wood of Mangalaviti (contact the Visitor Center of Portella Gazzana - 0941/485267)
5. Coal thematic itinerary Portella dell'Obolo (contact the Visitor Center in Capizzi - 0935/934305)