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Announcement of Competition

Announcement of Competition for the recovery and the requalification of the ancient district dedicated to breeding activities, “Borgo stella”

Deadline: 10/12/2003

Entrepreneurial Development Forum in Alcara and Tortorici for Tourist Projects in the Parco dei Nebrodi

Entrepreneurial Development Forum A Forum on the entrepreneurial development in the territory of the Municipalities of the PIT Nebrodi and of the Rete Ecologica Siciliana, of which the Park is one of the main knots, took place in Alcara Li Fusi on Friday 31st October and another has been organized in Tortorici on Wednesday 12th November in the council room of the Town Hall.

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Project for the Reintroduction in Sicily of the Griffon Vulture, a new group of vultures on the Nebrodi

Griffon vulture A new group of griffon vultures has arrived from Spain, and it will be freed in the next months in the Parco dei Nebrodi, in the rocky complex of Rocche del Crasto. One more step towards the implementation of the reintroduction project of the griffon vulture in Sicily, a species which is menaced at a global level and which is diminishing in the whole Mediterranean area: the last Sicilian colony of these vultures has extinguished in the island in the 60s, exactly in the Rocche del Crasto.

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Alcara: the Park Recovers the Ancient Village of Borgo Stella

Thanks to funds for about 360 thousand Euros by the Region of Sicilia, the Parco dei Nebrodi will be soon able to recover and requalify the ancient village dedicated to breeding activities of “Borgo Stella” in the territory of Alcara Li Fusi.

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