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Events in the Municipality of Mercogliano

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February - Carnival

  • "La Zeza", a typical Carnival farce of Naples traditionally performed only by men, has found in Irpinia magnificence and its own originality. In Mercogliano, in particular, it has been enriched with the dance "ballo della ’ntrezzata".

  • "Focarone di S.Modestino"

  • Carnival in Mercogliano


  • Pilgrimage on foot in Montevergine along the trail of the pilgrims setting off from Mercogliano, from Via San Guglielmo.


  • 25th June: St. Guglielmo Feast, founder of Montevergine Patron of Irpinia

  • Last Saturday: Marcialonga National Race - up Mercogliano Montevergine.


  • “Musica in Irpinia”: International Festival of Orchestras. It is held in the weekends of July in the evocative Abbey of Loreto and is dedicated to classical music.

  • “Musica e colori”: Jazz, painting, and culture festival. It takes place in the ancient medieval town of Capo Castello and is a festival dedicated to jazz.

  • 26th July: St. Anna and St. Gioacchino Feast


  • Stands Festival

  • First Week: Feast in honor of S. Antonio from Padua and San Nicola from Bari Torelli

  • First Saturday: Fireworks International Festival

  • Second Week: Feast of S. Antonio from Padua

  • Next to Last Week: "Castellarte", Street Artists International Festival


  • First Weekend: Penne alla Boscaiola Festival

  • Second Weekend: Montagritay (festival of products, tourist, local agricultural and cultural activities)


  • Flower Fair-Market


  • Christmas in the Castle. Permanent exhibit of Christmas Cribs coming from all over the world, in the Sanctuary of Montevergine and churches of the Historical Town Center

  • Antique Trade Fair (1st Saturday and Sunday of each month).

Events in the Municipality of Summonte

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February - Carnival

  • "La Zeza", Carnival event with dancing and performances characterized by the participation of women.


  • "Giornata della montagna" meeting occasion for several environmentalists.


  • Ethnic Music International Festival
  • Sant'Antonio Feast, end of the month, during which there will be a picturesque auction sale of objects offered by the citizens of Summonte.

End of August - September

  • Bier Festival - country hamlet of Embriciera
  • Fusilli Festival - country hamlet of Starze


  • Chestnut Festival


  • San Nicola Feast, on 6th December the historical feast of the Patron of Summonte is held, during which the traditional distribution of "loaves of bread" to the citizens, by riding a donkey, takes place.