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The Pyrope Visitor Center and Museum in Martiniana Po

Specialties: Geology
Via Roma, 25
12030 Martiniana Po (CN)
Municipality: Martiniana Po
Region: Piemonte

We are talking about a very rare crystal that can be found only in a very few places. It is a mineral of the garnet group, and only a very few people know about its existence.
Pyropes can be found in Martiniana Po, almost at the mouth of the Po Valley in the Plain.
"Po Cuneese Park", explains its President Emiliano Cardia, "includes a great variety of environments deriving from the considerable altitude range characterizing its territory and, as a consequence, it is rich in animal and vegetable species forming a very important biodiversity. The pyropes of Martiniana Po geosite represent a sort of icing on the cake as far as geological variety is concerned".
"Given the importance of this rare mineral, it was inevitable for the Park to pay particular attention to it. The Pyrope Museum in Martiniana Po has been created to make people discover a unique and precious feature of our territory", concludes the President of Po Cuneese Park, Emiliano Cardia.
The structure, mainly thought for schools, it is situated in the town center, a few steps from the Town Hall, and is formed by three halls.
The first hall is dedicated to the geological events leading to the formation of the Po Valley as we can see it today. The second hall deals with the crystals and their structure, with the help of several models explaining the arrangement of the atoms in space. Everything leads to the final explanation of pyrope crystals.
Since the Museum has a mainly didactic function, the last hall is equipped for video projections: in order to complete an interesting but complex theme, the display is summarized with some documentaries providing the essential concepts with simple and captivating words.
"It is a new initiative of the Park, aiming at enhancing and developing tourism in the area", says Emiliano Cardia. "If you visit Martiniana Po for the precious presence of pyropes, you will have also the opportunity to appreciate local products, like blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries that have contributed to the fame of this town beyond its local borders".

Further information
Opening times: Open all year round: Sundays 2.30 p.m.-6.30 p.m. - 15th August 2.30 p.m.-6.30 p.m.
Entrance fee: Free admission.

Information: Parco del Po Cuneese - Tel. +39 0175 46505 - -
Pyrope Museum in Martiniana Po
Pyrope Museum in Martiniana Po
The Pyrope Visitor Center and Museum in Martiniana Po
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