Custera Park

Built on the right bank of the Lura stream, it is a green lung within theLurate Caccivio build-up area. In the park there is a wetland area that serves as a lamination reservoir for the floods of the Lura torrent, making it possible to retain the water without it coming out of the banks and creating danger downstream. The reservoir was built to hold up to 8,000 square metres of water, taking into account the maximum flow of the torrent in floods, likely to recur every 10 years. After the flooding period, a threshold ensures that there is water even during the dry spell of the stream, creating a suitable habitat for flora and fauna and a pleasant environment for people. The Kneipp path, a hydrotherapy trail, is also located in the park.

Municipality: Lurate Caccivio (CO) Region: Lombardy
(43529)Custera Park
Custera Park
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