Phyto-purification plants (via Torino and via Monte Grappa)

Phyto-purification plants consist of waterproofed artificial basins in which it is possible to purify water of organic substances of animal and anthropogenic origin, thanks to the presence of appropriately planted aquatic plants.

The purification of the water in these basins follows the principle of self-purification typical of aquatic environments and is carried out in different ways: by the direct action of plants, by the action of bacteria that develop on the root systems and in the substrate of the basin, by sedimentation and absorption of the waste water present in the water. The plants usually used are marsh cane, bulrush and marsh rushes. The work carried out in the two plants at Villa Guardia has also created valuable natural areas that are home to water birds and amphibians.

(43530)Phyto-purification plants
Phyto-purification plants
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