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The Park Territory

The territory of Parco Lombardo della Valle del Ticino can be divided into four areas:

  1. the river valley
  2. the irrigated plain
  3. the dry plateau
  4. the hills
The Park Territory
The Park Territory

The River Valley

The so-called river valley is the part which has been dug by the river in the sediments of the Lombard plain. It represents the 40% of the total surface of the Park and, from a naturalistic point of view, it is the richest and most interesting area. The agriculture covering the 60% of the Park territory, is favored by the richness in water: the fields creep into the woods, above all in the lower part of the river, where the terraces are gentler. Here you can find wonderful wetlands characterized by the presence of oxbow lakes and "mortizze" (a sort of water-meadows) where the water flows slowly or stagnates and where a luxuriant hygrophilous vegetation grows.


The Irrigated Plain

The irrigated plain is crossed by artificial and irrigation canals and it is situated in the south-central part of the Park, in the south of the Villoresi canal. Agriculture is one of the most intense activities carried out in the area. The main cultivations are rice and corn alternating with poplar fields. Growings which resisted to intensive methods. Among these, the water meadows have a great historical importance.


The Dry Plateau

The dry plateau is situated in the north and it is covered by heathland which have been partially transformed by industrialization. It is characterized by several settlements. The towns have risen in a chaotic manner forming a nebula of piedmont centers which is connected to the metropolis of Milan along the way of the Sempione.

The Pre-Alpine Hills

The pre-alpine hills are situated in the most northern part of the Park, in the province of Varese. It is a pleasant area for its mild climate and for its richness in pinewoods facing on the southern shores of Lago Maggiore.


History and Culture

The river Ticino has always represented a natural border between civilizations, nations, people, and sovereigns that have fortified this strategic area with watchtowers and castles.
Abbiategrasso Castle, Vigevano Castle, Villa Visconti in Cassindetta di Lugagnano, Bereguardo Castle, Somma Lombardo Castle, Villa Gaia and Borgo Archinto in Robecco sul Naviglio, Morimondo Abbey... are just a few of the artistic treasures situated in the Park territory.

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Further information

Villa Annoni
Villa Annoni

The Park Municipalities

Parco Lombardo della Valle del Ticino covers an area of 91,140 hectares. A territory where the natural element (22 thousand hectares) and the agricultural element (47 thousand hectares) meet, a urbanized territory on the management of which the Park must give compatibility indications in the town planning instruments, respecting and enhancing the environmental heritage. On the 22 thousand hectares of territory, 47 Municipalities interact: they are situated in the provinces of Milano, Pavia, and Varese. This complex, for its historical features and landscape, offers to the visitor a network of "museums in the open air".

Villa Annoni
Villa Annoni
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