Parco Naturale Regionale Valle del Treja


Guided Visits for Groups and Schools

In order to provide further info on the features of the protected area, guided visits on payment are organized on demand. They last about four hours and develop approximately according to the following program:

  • At 9.30 a.m.: arrival in Mazzano Romano and meeting with the guide. Without getting off the coach, we get to Calcata.
  • At 10.00 a.m.: breakfast and visit to Calcata historical town center.
  • At 11.00 a.m.: after leaving the town of Calcata, we will enter the Park along the trail called "Rio". This trail is representative of some of the most important natural environments in the protected area. On demand, it will be possible to visit the archaeological finds brought to light by the excavations involving the ancient Faliscio sanctuary, situated near the river Treja (the necessary time for the visit is about one hour).
  • At 12.30 p.m.: by coach, we will head to Mt. Gelato waterfalls for the packed lunch.
  • In the afternoon, free visit without the Park guide to Mt. Gelato waterfalls. You can reach the waterfalls by going along an easy pedestrian trail.

On demand, the program may change according with the accessibility of the areas.

  • Rates (PDF, Italian text - 16Kb)
  • Booking Form (PDF, Italian text - 25Kb) to send via fax to the number +39 06 9049386.

For information: Tel. +39 06 9049295 (every day 9.00 a.m. - 2.00 p.m. except on Saturdays and Sundays)

Guided Visits for Groups and Schools


According to collective imagination, the character of the Park Keeper is linked to long walks in the woods, to the silent observation of wildlife, to the traditional knowledge regarding the use of plants.
This "historical" idea should be broadened, if not revised, considering the competence and technological innovations that have transformed the Park Keeper into an eclectic specialist working to preserve protected areas.
Thinking about conservation in a modern and dynamic meaning, the Park Keepers deal with environmental education, wildlife management, repression of environmental crimes, fight against wood fires and any other environmental emergency. Moreover, they assist the economic operators of the protected area.


Further information

In Valle del Treja Park, the surveillance service is formed at the moment by seven elements you can contact by calling the number +39 06 9049295, the service number +39 333 3273640 or writing an e-mail to

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