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(20 Gen 21) The headquarters of the Aspromonte Geopark, a candidate for the UNESCO Global Geoparks Network, will be located at the premises of the noble and historical Palazzo Mesiani in Bova. Click here to discover more (link in Italian)...
Protected area: PN Aspromonte  |  Fonte: PN Aspromonte
Bova, the historical Palazzo Mesiani will be the headquarters of the Aspromonte Geopark
(07 Gen 21) An agreement between the Aspromonte Park and tour operators who want to undertake a path towards sustainable tourism. This is the essence of the ECST Phase II of the Aspromonte National Park, which has been launched today through the forum organised on the Zoom platform. Click here to discover more...
Protected area: PN Aspromonte  |  Fonte: PN Aspromonte
The Aspromonte Park launches Phase II of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism
(14 Dic 20) Shapes and colours, insects and flowers, habitats and mammals: this is the 2021 Calendar of the Aspromonte Park, dedicated to Biodiversity. A useful tool for spreading knowledge of the territory, through emotional communication and images of strong impact and awesomeness. Click here to discover mor...
Protected area: PN Aspromonte  |  Fonte: PN Aspromonte
The 2021 Calendar of the Aspromonte National Park
Together for an ambitious project, aimed at enhancing and rediscovering the Aspromonte chestnut wood, as a valuable element for creating high-tech devices
(08 Dic 20) The first racing bicycle, made up of Aspromonte chestnut wood, was created thanks to an institutional collaboration between the Aspromonte National Park Authority and the Agricultural Department of the Università Mediterranea di Reggio Calabria. Click here to discover more (link in Italian)...
Protected area: PN Aspromonte  |  Fonte: PN Aspromonte
Integral bicycle
(01 Set 20) A strategic structure, dedicated to disclosure and knowledge of the Aspromonte flora, is located at the centre of the Park and will become a point for training and scientific research. Click here to discover more (link in Italian)...
Protected area: PN Aspromonte  |  Fonte: PN Aspromonte
Ribbon-cutting ceremony
from 20th to 24th June 2016. At the Sila Park Authority's headquarters. Lorica di San Giovanni in Fiore (CS)
(10 Giu 16) From 20th to 24th June 2016 the Park organizes the 2nd edition of the "Summer School" about the marketing strategies in the natural protected areas entitled “Accoglienza, accessibilità e comunicazione” (Reception, accessibility and communication). The event is comp...
Protected area: PN Sila  |  Fonte: PN Sila
(01 Mar 11) The 2011 call for proposals has been published on 26/02/2011, with a deadline for submission for the 18/07/2011. The LIFE+ program comprises three components: LIFE+ Nature & Biodiversity LIFE+ Environment Policy & Governance LIFE+ Information & Communication Provisional calendar of t...
Protected area: Diverse  |  Fonte: Redazione
(02 Feb 11) The Ramsar Convention, celebrating today its 40th Anniversary, is the oldest global environmental treaty and it is specifically focused on one ecosystem wetlands. Under our definition these are very diverse in structure, function and location, occurring from the mountains to the sea on all contin...
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24th May 1909 - 24th May 2009: 100 Years of Parks in Europe
(06 Mag 09) The European Day of Parks will be celebrated on 24th May and, as every year, the initiative of the European Federation of Parks repeats itself, to remind the day when in 1909 the first European park was established in Sweden. This date has without a doubt a great symbolic value, and for this reason ...
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