Riserva Naturale Alpe della Luna



Itineraries in the Nature Reserve

The Nature Reserve has its own trail network, connected with the rich CAI trail network.
If you come from Sansepolcro you can head for Montagna, where CAI trail no. 6 leading to Spinella leaves, or follow the road to Germagnano. From here you can also reach Spinella and Pian della Capanna and choose one of the trails leading to the ridge (CAI Trails no. 8 and 8a). Always from Germagnano you can take a Nature Trail complete with descriptive panels, along which a charcoal pile and a hut have been reconstructed: they are evidences of an activity that was very widespread in this area in the past.
If you come from Badia Tedalda, you may visit the area of Monterano and Presalino valley thanks to the various possibilities offered by the trail network of the Nature Reserve, leaving from the car park in loc. Capanne, you can reach from the junction for Madonna del Presale church. From Monterano you can reach the ridge of Alpe della Luna connecting with CAI trail no. 5. The latter is also ideal if you are going to carry out more demanding trails leaving from Montelabreve or even from Sestino, touching Ranco Spinoso Wildlife Park. Another possibility is to leave from Badia Tedalda or from Monteviale: you can reach the latter by car, and from here get to the ridge along CAI trail no. 19.
Parking the car at Viamaggio Pass, near the hotel, you can take the trails of G.E.A. (Grande Escursione Appenninica) involving the whole ridge of Alpe della Luna, connecting with the trail network of the two slopes up to Bocca Trabaria, in the Marches. Another demanding itinerary is CAI trail no. 8, you can take near Aboca.

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