The products of the Karst region

Besides the wines, among the most curious and tastiest traditions in the Karst region there are products such as olive oil, honey, ham and cheese. These products are home-made or prepared by small farms, this is the reason why they are of extraordinary quality.  

The Osmizze
Crossing the karst villages, by the forks and near some houses, it is possible to observe the well-known ivy bunch, which marks the presence of an "osmica", also called "osmizza": it is a really unique tourist offer. Its origins date back to the age of the empress Maria Theresa, when she allowed the citizens to directly sell the wine and some products (bread, boiled eggs and cured meats) in their houses, cellars or courtyard for 8 days (from the Slovenian word "osem"). If you want to discover the Karst region, you cannot miss visiting an "osmizza" and immerse in the Karst Plateau's life, tasting the local specialties such as the wines Refosco, Terrano, Malvasia and Vitovska, and buying high quality products, such as wine, olive oil, honey and cheese.
The osmizze are open in different periods during the year, ask the tourist information office for information on the opening hours of the osmizze, or follow the ivy bunches along the street!
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In our territory, sheep milk and goat milk cheese are produced. The Jamar is a typical cheese which is placed for some months in the karst caves to make it ripen, and it is characterized by an intense, almost pungent taste. Its texture is friable, without...
Category: Cheese
The Karst Honey is poured in glass jars as soon as it is collected by the beekeepers, without any additional processing. It is a raw unrefined honey.  The local beekeepers' main products are the chestnut honey (with a marked flavor and rich in...
Category: Honey
Most of the Karst's olive trees belong to the variety called "Bianchera", and they originate a particularly fine olive oil. The olives processing is very important, since it is completely handmade. The olive trees are mainly cultivated by small family-run...
Category: Oil
The raw ham, prepared with ancient methods as it is suggested by traditions, has a strong personality and intensity, flavored with garlic, laurel and rosemary. Other traditionally prepared cold cuts that it is worth mentioning are the pork coppa, "Kraški...
Category: Cold Cuts
The Karst grapevine is a miracle arisen from the determined management of a virile and brave territory without compromises. The grapevines look like a mirage in the jagged and steep dynamics of the upland. For the grape stalk enthusiasts, the red wine...
Category: Wine
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