Sorrento Walnut

Walnuts are a characteristic agricultural product of Sorrento. Thanks to their features - small size with a thin shell and tasty and fleshy kernel - they represent a species called Sorrento Walnut. The imposing walnut trees can be found in this area from time immemorial and are part of the hilly landscape of Sorrento. In the past, all farmyards had at least one walnut tree, since its fruits represented one of the food reserves for the winter. For its features, the walnut tree was considered by farmers a bewitched plant. As a matter of fact, they believed that its branches housed witches. The fruit of the walnut tree is used a lot in gastronomy, both alone and in sauces.

Moreover, thanks to an ancient recipe of Sorrento, it is possible to prepare the so-called Nocino, a liquor deriving from the infusion of walnut green hull in alcohol. It is excellent as a digestive liquor and very good cold, on vanilla ice cream.

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