Area Marina Protetta Isole di Ventotene e Santo Stefano


The Activities of the AMP (Marine Protected Area)-RNS (State National Reserve)

The Marine Protected Area was created to protect biodiversity and safeguard the integrity of the coastal marine environment, but also to make the relationship between conservation and development of the surrounding area solid and balanced, according to a management model headed towards sustainability.

In concrete terms, the activities promoted to pursue sustainable development are:

Monitoring of environmental components
These are activities aimed at carrying out study and scientific research programmes in the fields of ecology, marine biology and environmental protection, in order to ensure systematic knowledge of the Marine Protected Area. In particular, the monitoring of sensitive and threatened species and habitats, and research for fishing activities, the results of which support the action of the Marine Protected Area in the objective of protecting marine biodiversity.

Environmental Education

In the depths of the sea of the MPA there are unique environments of particular landscape and naturalistic importance. Shapes and colours are modelled by the play of light: arches, ledges and clefts are the setting for rare and protected organisms. There are many dive sites located between Ventotene and Santo Stefano, all of which can be reached and practised thanks to the local Diving centres authorised by the Managing Authority, who are available to guide you in your discovery of these underwater environments.

Snorkelling is an activity practised by swimming on the surface of the water, with a mask and a lot of curiosity, to observe the marine world while having fun. There are no age limits and it can be done almost anywhere. In the Marine Protected Area there are countless stretches of sea full of surprises and colours where snorkelling is possible and exciting. From the beach of CalaNave to the Peschiera Romana at the base of the Punta Eolo cliffs, all along the circumnavigation of the island: quiet and relaxing explorations, among the rocks or the sandy shore and the underwater, reserve interesting meetings.

Recreational boating
The ten kilometres of coastline that define the profile of the Marine Protected Area are a paradise for pleasure boaters. Within the Marine Protected Area it is possible to go on boat excursions along the coastal perimeter and towards the Island of Santo Stefano. It is also possible to anchor in the sandy seabed, avoiding the very important Neptune grass meadows along the coast, and to moor in the areas specifically set up to discover the most interesting naturalistic and geomorphological aspects and to come into contact with the marine and coastal environment.

In the stretch of land facing the Marine Protected Area, along the coastline and on the island of S. Stefano, a series of paths allow for trekking activities and excursions of various types, such as observation of the landscape, fauna and flora. Hiking is also possible thanks to various organisations, some of which operate passenger transport to the island of S. Stefano or to the most beautiful sites in the MPA.

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