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The Territory and its Products

The Reserve mainly consists of forests growing in a mountain and often harsh territory, with a few areas to use for agricultural purposes. This feature strongly influences the production results, both because of the meagerness of the available lands and because they are not easily accessible. The agricultural productions belonging to the rural tradition are obtained today from small vegetable gardens and fields often situated next to the towns and are represented by potatoes, beans, and some fodder plants. In particular, oat to feed milk cows or donkeys, the latter used to transport firewood from the forests.

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Amaretto is a pastry based on almond paste, made with sugar, egg white, sweet and bitter almonds. Aromas, honey, milk, and yeast can be added. It has a round shape resembling a small cap, and a wrinkled surface. Crisp amaretti have an alveolar inner structure....
Category: Sweets
Like wine ring-shaped cakes, anise ring-shaped cakes boast a long tradition. Their preparation, rather widespread in Lazio, has been handed down from generation to generation. The dough, based on common wheat flour, olive oil, anise, a pinch of salt,...
Category: Sweets
Round or cap-shaped cake with an amber color and an almond, walnut, and cocoa taste. The main ingredients are flour, walnuts, hazelnuts (Gentile romana), almonds, pistachios, dried figs, honey, pine nuts, candied fruits (citron, orange), raisins, plain...
Category: Sweets
Basket-shaped pastries with a salty taste and anise aroma. They are prepared by mixing the ingredients (flour, milk, extra-virgin olive oil, white wine, anise seeds previously soaked into wine, eggs, leaven obtained from the previous bread making and...
Category: Sweets
Wine ring-shaped cakes are usually eaten at the end of the meal, with a dessert wine or with coffee or tea. Crumbly and tasty, they have a brown color and the characteristic shape of a ring. Further information
Category: Sweets
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