Guanciale consists of the pig's jowl lard. It has a triangular shape and a red color with white or rosy streaks given to the lard stratum. It is usually produced all year long, while homemade productions take place only in winter. It has a variable taste, also according to the smoking process: it can have a light taste or an intense and spicy taste. The salting process is carried out on wooden boards and timber is also used in the drying process, which usually takes place in cool and well-aired places. Guanciale has always been a very good product to preserve, that's why the pork processing was very widespread. Guanciale, whose processing was carried out in the past only in three Provinces of Lazio (Viterbo, Rieti, and Frosinone), is now widespread all over the region.

The Producers
Typology: Agricultural Holdings
Locality: Acquapendente (VT)
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