Tuscia Mountain Ham

Tuscia ham is called "mountain ham" because it distinguishes itself from the classical S. Daniele or Parma hams for its salty taste and dry meat. The pork leg comes from animals bred in the wild in the Maremma inland. The preparation of this ham, including not only the leg, but also the pork shin, consists of a first salting, during which also garlic, pepper, and chilli pepper are added; after 6-7 days, the second salting takes place and, in general, a second flavoring, above all in the most delicate points. The ham is then hanged out to mature in a cool and well-aired place. This ham is used a lot in gastronomy.

Tuscia Mountain Ham
Tuscia Mountain Ham
The Producers
Typology: Agricultural Holdings
Locality: Acquapendente (VT)
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