Hiking Trail "La Scialimata"

  • Trail Conditions: On foot
  • Interest: Flora, Wildlife, Panorama
  • Duration: 4 hour/s 30 minutes
  • Length: 9 km

The trail takes its name from the presence of a wide landslide phenomenon called "scialimata" in the local dialect, and is located on the southern slope of Monte Rufeno Nature Reserve, near Torre Alfina. Starting from the sports center of this village, you have to follow the road that takes to Museo del Fiore; after 200-300 meters, you will find a bar on your right: that's where the trail begins. Leaving the dirt track, after a few meters you will come to Casale S.Antonio, the Reserve reception facility. This place still bears evidence of its past as a farm: an old olive grove, some drystone walls and a small "troscia", a hole in the earth that was once used to soak the leather to be tanned and which is now peopled by newts and frogs, as well as by some interesting invertebrates such as backswimmers and dytiscids. The trail continues going through an area that has been reforested with Aleppo and maritime pines, but which was once a cultivated land. In spring, it is possible to admire, in the glades that can be found all along the trail, orchids belonging to several species, such as the quite common Orchis Purpurea and the rare Ophrys insectifera. As the trail goes down, the panorama opens up to views of the castle of Torre Alfina and of the wooded valley of the river Paglia that ends up in Mt. Rufeno. Lama Grande, a long strip of land subject to landslides and colonized by shrubs, such as the broom, is a good observation point, for animals too. The trail is ideal for all those who love walking and want to spend a peaceful day outdoors, in an evocative natural environment as a wood. But it can also be an exciting experience to many visitors, which might give rise to emotions unknown to them. It will be possible to discover new colors, sounds and scents, and to learn more about the surrounding environment: for instance, about the plants and animals visitors have encountered – or seen traces of - along the trail, or about the landscape and the remaining signs of human work (old coal cellars and olive groves). The hiking trail "La Scialimata" is divided into three rings. The longest ring, trail A, can be classified as mid-difficult; it takes five hours to complete its 9.5 km, including the stops you will need to enjoy the nature around you. The upper ring, trail B, can be classified as mid-easy, and it takes about two hours to cover its 3.1 km. Starting from Museo Naturalistico del Fiore, it is also possible to take a variant of trail A (3 km) which coincides with a Nature Trail.

Hiking Trail "La Scialimata"
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