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Calendar of Events 2006
Town of Acquapendente (VT)

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  • 1st May
    Palio dell’Arcata

    In the Municipal Race-Track, horse races combined with the 16 groups of "Pugnaloni" for the awarding of the historical Palio.

  • 7th May
    Madonna della Quercia Feast in Trevinano

    Religious event.

  • 15th May
    Madonna del Fiore Feast

    Religious event dating back to the year 1166
    Mid-May Fair
    The Celebration of Minipugnaloni

  • 21st May
    The Celebration of the "Pugnaloni"
    It takes place on the 3rd Sunday of May.
    The so-called "Pugnaloni" are great panels (2,60 x 3,60 meters) built with a mosaic of leaves and flowers representing the theme of freedom against any form of oppression. Their origins date back to one of the main events in the history of Acquapendente: the “miracle” of Madonna del Fiore which took place in 1166.
    The "Pugnaloni" are on display in characteristic points of the historical town center of Acquapendente, and are admired by several tourists and visitors in the "historical" frame represented by groups of flag wavers and historical parades.

  • 27th-28th May
    St. Bernardino Feast in Torre Alfina

    Great Flower Beds along the historical town center of the ancient Village. Cultural events.

Botanic Gardens
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  • 4th June
    Walk to Castro

    Leaving from Acquapendente, you will get to the Sanctuary of Castro after a route of about 40 Km. Stops with refreshment points along the route.

  • 4th June
    Ciaraso Walk
    “A walk along the Trail of the Brigands”
    Meeting participants and subscription: at 10.30 a.m. in Via dello Stadio. Departure at 11.00 a.m.
    10 km itinerary. This year, thanks to a longer itinerary, we will have the opportunity to enter the chestnut tree woods of “tregge”, along the trail called “of the Brigands”. It will represent a great occasion to visit a wonderful place which many of us still do not know. Gastronomic refreshments along the route.
    “lunch Al Podere”
    Subscription fee: Euros 3,00


  • From 5th to 9th July
    Beer Festival
    A particular edition in the wonderful Parco Pineta.

  • 22nd-23rd July
    Ice-Cream Festival in Torre Alfina

    Awarded a prize more than once, the homemade ice-cream of Torre Alfina, famous all over Lazio and not only, can be tasted.

  • 28th-29th-30th-31st July
    Torre Alfina Blues Festival

    Four days dedicated to blues, among cultural events and gastronomical tasting in the most characteristic points of the ancient Village.


  • Cordeschi Amphitheater
    In the wonderful frame of the Cordeschi Amphitheater: Cinema, Theater, Music, and Dances will cheer up the nights.


  • 10th August
    St. Lorenzo Feast in Trevinano

    The Saint Patron is celebrated with events dedicated to music and gastronomy.

  • 9th-15th August
    Festival of Pappardelle with Wild Boar Sauce in Torre Alfina

    One of the most important and... tasty festivals of Alto Lazio

  • 16th August
    St. Rocco Feast in Trevinano

    Concert of classical music in the Castle Boncompagni-Ludovisi

  • 17th-20th August
    Journey to Discover the Rural and Crafsmanship Civilization

    Folklore, tradition, gastronomy, and music in the historical town center of Acquapendente. Cultural events.

  • 20th August
    Interregional Meeting Moto Club

    Several motorbikes of any period in the wonderful Square of the Historical Town Center of Acquapendente.

  • 28th August
    St. Ermete Patron Feast

    Religious and cultural events.

  • 30th August
    St. Ermete Fair

    Fireworks: at the municipal stadium, great fireworks put an end to the events of the summer of Acquapendente.


  • 1st-2nd-3rd September
    Madonna del S. Amore Feast in Torre Alfina
    Historical Re-enactment of the "Transfer”: Origins of the Feast
    St. Bartolomeo Fair “Local Products”
    Astorre's Banquet – Medieval Choreography, Music, and Dishes
    “Castronturris” March to remember the ancient Monaldeschi family

  • 22nd-24th September
    Footrace to Monte Rufeno

    National Footrace and Trekking Event, walk giving to the several participants the opportunity to visit the naturalistic area of Monte Rufeno and the surrounding territory. The program includes cultural visits, music activities, and enables to appreciate above all the local gastronomy.


  • 1st October
    Day Dedicated to Grandparents

    Organized by the elderly center of Acquapendente within the national event.


  • Various initiatives on the program for Christmas 2006

For further information: Tourist Office - Tel. 0763/7309206 - E-mail: turismoacquapendente@libero.it

The Celebration of the "Pugnaloni"

Pugnalone - Winner 2005 celebration
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Winner of the 2005 celebration

Acquapendente (VT)
13th, 14th and 15th May 2005

The so-called "Pugnaloni", for those who still do not know them, are great panels (2,60 x 3,60 meters) which are apparently similar to paintings, but they are made with an original building technique: a mosaic of flower petal, dry and green leaves, pine needles, nuts inflorescences and other materials of vegetal origins. These great floral panels are displayed on the third Sunday of May in some parts of the historical town center and enhance the value of the architectonic elements of the Town, exactly along the ancient route of Via Francigena.
According to the tradition, the "Pugnaloni" were born as an offer to the Madonna del Fiore who, in the year 1166, miraculously appeared to two farmers and gave to the population of Acquapendente the courage to rise up against the tyrannical governor Barbarossa. Probably the Celebration has still more ancient origins, like many other spring celebrations, and the pagan celebration was replaced by the Christian one in the historical moment of the struggles between the Pope and the Empire.
The first documents we have about the "Pugnaloni" as floral mosaics date back to the first years of the 19th century when a wonderful Arme was built by Pope Pio VII: it was so well-decorated with floral motifs that it looked like a mosaic. The "Pugnaloni" demonstrate today an extraordinary creativity deriving from the ancient artistic and artisan tradition characterizing Acquapendente, but also the enthusiasm of the youth which nowadays manage the typical aspects of the celebration.

(PDF file, Italian text - 6 Kb)

Long Walk to Monte Rufeno - 22nd Edition

22nd-23rd-24th September

National Trekking and Footrace event in the "blessed triangle of Italy", at the borders with Lazio, Umbria, and Tuscany.
Event valid for the competitions IVV and "Piede alato FIASP" and for the "Stramarciatore" patent.

Organized by Assessorato Sport e Turismo of the Municipality of Acquapendente, and by the section Soci Unicoop Tirreno Paglia-Vulsinea Committee of Acquapendente, with the collaboration of Riserva Naturale Regionale Monte Rufeno, Local Tourist Board of Allerona (TR) and Gradoli (VT), under the patronage of the Municipality of Allerona and C.M. Alta Tuscia Laziale e Monte Peglia e Selva di Meana


Friday 22nd September

  • Gradoli
    “Camminata dell’Aleatico”

    • At 9.00 a.m.: Meeting in the square of Basilica del S. Sepolcro in Acquapendente
    • At 9.30 a.m.: Departure to Gradoli with shuttle bus
    • At 10.00 a.m.: beginning of the walk with the guides
    • At 1.00 p.m.: Lunch “al Purgatorio” on Bolsena Lake, Gradoli bank
    • At 5.00 p.m.: Transfer to Acquapendente
    • At 6.00 p.m.: Visit to the Town Museum “Civico e Diocesano”
    • At 8.00 p.m.: welcome dinner - greeting by the Mayor

Saturday 23rd September

  • Allerona
    Tour in the Woods of Selva di Meana

    (Nature trail of Km 10)
    • At 9.00 a.m.: Meeting and check of the subscriptions in the square of the Municipality of Allerona
      At 10.00 a.m.: Departure for the "tour of the wood" (free pace)
    • At 1.30 p.m.: Lunch organized by the Local Tourist Board of Allerona

  • Trevinano
    Competitive Footrace
    Km 8

    • At 4.30 p.m. Subscriptions in Piazza del Castello
    • At 5.00 p.m. Departure of the mini-footrace
    • At 5.30 p.m. Departure of the footrace
    • At 7.30 p.m. Dinner and music entertainment

Sunday 24th September

  • Trevinano
    La Scarpinata
    (14 km route in Parco Regionale di Monte Rufeno)
    (refreshment points along the route and at the arrival)
    • At 9.00 a.m.: Meeting and subscriptions in Trevinano
    • At 10.00 a.m.: Departure of Scarpinata
    • At 2.00 p.m.: prize-giving of the groups

Participation fee

  • THREE DAYS from Friday morning: Euros 74 (lunch in the restaurant on Bolsena Lake) dinner in the restaurant
  • TWO DAYS from Saturday morning: Euros 36 (lunch in the open air, dinner in the restaurant)
  • SCARPINATA on Sunday: Euros 8 lunch at the end of the event - refreshment points

The Participation fee includes: assistance, insurance, meals, prizes, and everything else the organization will need to improve the event.
Accommodation fees not included.
It is also possible to take part in one or two of the three walks suggested by the organization.

Closure of the subscriptions:

For groups (at least 10 participants) within 18th September
For individuals, half an hour before the departure.

  • For accommodation bookings, directly ask to the organization.

Prizes for groups:

  • Natural prizes for the first 10 biggest groups participating in the Scarpinata of Trevinano.
  • Natural prizes for the 5 biggest groups participating in Scarpinata of Allerona.

Prizes for indivisduals:

  • 1st Footrace: Scarpinata of Gradoli: natural prize
  • 2nd Footrace: Scarpinata of Allerona: bottle of wine
  • 3rd Footrace: Scarpinata to Monte Rufeno: pottery

Info and bookings
Ufficio Promozione Turistica e Sport del Comune di Acquapendente - Contact Mr Sergio Pieri. E-mail: turismo@comuneacquapendente.it - Web site: www.comuneacquapendente.it - Tel Office 0763/7309206 - 73091 - mobile 339 2680840 (from 8.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m.)