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Oulx Local Products

The local product is not only a food product. It is the product of a territory and of its natural and cultural resources. It is the result of local lifestyle and culture, and for this reason it is something which has a tale to tell. Oulx is situated in Comunità montana Alta Val di Susa and here you can find the products of the Valley, real delicious products typical of the mountain areas. The cuisine of Oulx, like the cuisine of the other surrounding towns, has been influenced by the French cuisine and, during World War I, women learnt how to make gnocchi and desserts according to the French traditional art of cooking. For instance, the flour "gnocconi" are a legacy: they are prepared with eggs, water, and flour and, once cooked, they are seasoned with butter and mountain herbs, or with mutton sauce (all the parts of the mutton - meat, fat, and skin - are used). In November, the first mutton is killed and the meat is cut and used, according the need, to prepare roasted meat, boiled meat, or stew.

Another important local product is represented by potatoes, with which a special dish is made, the "Potato Polenta", typical of the area. You can taste it with your friends and with a fine glass of wine Valsusa DOC, another local product.
Honey is produced in several varieties: high-mountain Millefiori, acacia, or chestnut tree honey. A traditional dish is represented by apples with honey, which since ancient times have been heated in the oven after taking out the bread. Since apples are abundant, the apple pie is a characteristic local cake: it is made with a very thin bread mixture forming a sheet over, under, and within the apples cut into small pieces.

Other typical recipes are:

  • Calhetta
  • Herbs Omelette
  • Fat Soup
  • Milk and Rice Soup
  • Blood Tortelli
  • Gofri
  • Crème des oeufs à la neige (snow egg cream)

The gastronomy and wine culture of Oulx is all to discover: restaurants and trattorias offer quality products, and you can always buy something to bring home if you want to bring the mountain tastes at home with you.

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