Cooking Traditions

The cuisine of Tuscania represents a local variation of regional dishes from the coastal Tuscia Viterbese, characteristic of the agricultural-zootechnical economy. The cooking habits of Tuscania often express ancient traditions to rediscover and taste.
Among the country dishes, compulsorily dressed with fine local olive oil and genuine wines, you cannot miss the home-made pasta (lombrichèlli etc.), the second dishes based on meat (scamorrìta, ròcchie, etc.), and the several vegetable soups. Among the local dishes, "acquacotta with aromatic herbs", "the country-style panzanella" (with ripe cherry tomatoes), and the salads with mazzòcchi, watercress or pisciallètti, the beans with bread and wild fennel ("Le facjòle co' le fette"), king oyster mushrooms, bruschette (bread served with savouries) and pizza with sfrìzzoli.
The desserts include, according to the season, the so-called tozzétti, biròlli, torcigliòne tuscanese, the simple diomeneguardi and, at Christmas, maccheroni with walnuts.

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