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Sito di Importanza Comunitaria del Fiume Alento

From the Tyrrheanian Sea to the Inland of Cilento, Across Alento Natural Valley

Where in Italy Sito di Importanza Comunitaria del Fiume Alento
The whole watercourse of the river Alento and part of its tributaries belong to a SCI area, a Site of Community Importance. SCI have been introduced by the directive "Habitat" of the European Community with the aim to contribute to the safeguard of biodiversity through conservation activities, not only within areas belonging to Natura 2000 Network, but also with measures of direct safeguard of the species whose conservation is considered to be of common interest for the whole Community. The river Alento, whose springs and mouth are situated within Cilento e Vallo di Diano National Park, meets along its course several natural areas characterized by the typical Mediterranean maquis, but also areas influenced by human activities, like the Dam of Alento and the semi-natural wetlands downstream. The area is characterized by the presence of endangered species like the otter, mainly living in the tributaries, and of species difficult to sight, like the Stone Curlew and the European Roller.

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