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Parks, Reserves, and Other Protected Areas in

Congo (Republic of the)


National Parks

  • Conkouati Douli
  • Nouabalé-Ndoki
  • Odzala-Kokoua

Community Reserves

  • Lac Télé Likouala-aux-Herbes

Wildlife Reserves

  • Léfini
  • Mont Fouari
  • Nyanga Nord
  • Tsoulou

Biosphere Wildlife Reserves

  • Dimonika

Hunting Reserves

  • Mont Mavoumbou
  • Nyanga Sud

Wildlife Sanctuaries

  • Sanctuaires des Chimpanzés HELP
  • Sanctuaire de Chimpanzés de Tchimpounga
  • Sanctuaire de Gorille de Lésio-Louma
  • Sanctuaire des Gorilles de Lossi

Other Protected Areas

  • Zoological Park (Brazzaville)
Protected Areas in Congo
The protected areas in Congo are divided into different biotopes according to the configuration and the ecological richness offered by the two most important ecosystems of the Country, the forest and the savannah. Most protected areas has known a beginning of planning, but the governmental efforts have not led to the expected results, given the inadequacy of the credit allowed.
Therefore, it has been necessary to ask for the help of the international community in order to plan a long term management of the ecological sites.

In Congo there are three national parks, four wildlife reserves, one biosphere reserve, one community reserve, two hunting reserves, four sanctuaries for the protection of chimpanzee and gorillas for a total area of 3.648.177 hectares, the 10,06% of the national territory, and a zoological park.

Sources: Ministère de l'Économie Forestière et de l'Environnement