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Ciénaga de Zapata is a Biosphere Reserve. It covers all the southernmost area of the province of Matanzas, for a total surface of 6,000 sq.km. It includes the Municipalities of Unión de Reyes, Jaguey Grande, Caliente, and the area of the island platform. It extends for 175 km from east to west, between Punta Gorda and Jagua, with a maximum width of 58 Km from north to south, from Sur de Torrente to Cayo Miguel, and an average width of 16 km. The 75% of the territory is represented by marshes and brackish lagoons: for this reason, Ciénaga de Zapata is the main wetland in Cuba, as well as the largest and well-preserved in the Caribbean Islands. Where in Italy Ciénaga de Zapata National Park

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