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In France, the law on national parks signed April 14th 2006 (which partially amends the law on the creation of national parks of 1960) - states that a territory can be declared National Park "when there is a special interest in the preservation of its natural environment and namely of its fauna, flora, soil, subsoil, waters, atmosphere and - possibly - cultural heritage, and it is therefore important to protect such an environment against deterioration as well as against any intervention which may alter its diversity, aspect, composition and evolution". Read more

National parks

 Parco Nazionale del Mercantour68.500 ha
 Parco nazionale Calanques43.500 ha
Unesco Man and BiosphereParco Nazionale delle Cévennes93.500 ha
 Parco Nazionale degli Ecrins91.800 ha
 Parco Nazionale di Guadalupa21.850 ha
 Parco Amazzonico di Guyana2.028.126 ha
Unesco World HeritageParco Nazionale di La Réunion105.447 ha
 Parco Nazionale dei Pirenei45.700 ha
The European Diploma of Protected AreasParco Nazionale di Port-Cros1.300 ha
The European Diploma of Protected AreasParco Nazionale della Vanoise53.500 ha

The photo next to the name of the protected area means that you will find information directly updated by the respective Park Authorities.
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