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Parks, Reserves, and Other Protected Areas in



National Parks

  • Badiar
  • Haut Niger - Kouya Core Area
  • Haut Niger - Mafou Core Area

Wildlife Reserves

  • Alkatraz
  • Blanche
  • Cabri
  • Corail
  • Tristao

Strict Nature Reserves

  • Kamalaya (Kounounkan)
  • Mount Nimba

Reforestation Areas

  • Berekena Foret Classee
  • Beyla Foret Classee
  • Bomboli Foret Classee
  • Guekedou Foret Classe
  • Lac Pita Foret Classee
  • Mamou-Labe Foret Classee
  • Moffa Foret Classee
  • Nzerekore Foret Classee
  • Pinede de Dalaba
  • Sangaladou Foret Classee

Buffer Zone

  • Haut Niger

Other Protected Areas

  • Bafing - Falémé

Wetlands of International Importance (Ramsar)

  • Ile Alcatraz
  • Ile Blanche
  • Iles Tristao
  • Konkouré
  • Niger Source
  • Niger-Mafou
  • Niger-Niandan-Milo
  • Niger-Tinkisso
  • Rio Kapatchez
  • Rio Pongo
  • Sankarani-Fié
  • Tinkisso

World Heritage Convention

  • Mount Nimba

UNESCO-MAB Biosphere Reserve

  • Badiar
  • Haut Niger
  • Massif du Ziama
  • Monts Nimba

Cloud Forest Site

  • Mount Nimba
Protected Areas in Guinea
Existing legislation providing for protected areas is given in Ordonnance No. 007/PRG/SGG/90 of 15 February 1990 concerning the protection of fauna and hunting regulations (portant code de la protection de la faune sauvage et réglementation de la chasse). This provides for the designation of national parks, strict nature reserves, managed nature reserves, special reserves or faunal sanctuaries, sport hunting zones and hunting zones.
Legislation providing for the administration of protected areas is given in Decree No. 008/PRG/ of 19 March 1987, which provides for the establishment of the National Department of the Environment (Direction Nationale de l'Environnement).

Source: World Database on Protected Areas, UNEP-WCMC