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Protected Areas in Greece
In Greece there are 5 main types of protected areas:
  • National Parks: there are 10 National Parks in Greece, covering 68,732 ha. According to law, a National Park is a forested area, which is of great interest from the point of view of wild fauna and flora conservation, the geomorphological formations, the substratum, the atmosphere, the waters and their natural environment in general

  • Aesthetic Forests: these are sites (forests or natural landscapes) of a particular aesthetic and tourist importance, so that the protection of fauna, flora and its particular natural beauty should be enforced

  • Protected Monuments of Nature: these are sites of particular palaeontological, geomorphological, and historical importance that cannot be characterised as National Parks or Aesthetic Forests. Protected Monuments of Nature can be trees or tree stands, wetlands, even rare plant species of a particular botanical, geobotanical, aesthetic and historical importance

  • Game Reserves and Hunting Reserves

  • Marine Parks.

Besides the above national categories, there are several protected areas whose importance is acknowledged at the European and international level, and which have been declared "Special Protection Areas" or "Ramsar sites" .

Source: Hellenic Ornithological Society


Special Protection Areas / Ramsar Sites

  • Evros delta
  • Lake Vistonis, Porto Lagos, Lake Ismaris & adjoining lagoons
  • Nestos delta & coastal lagoons


National Parks

  • Lake Mikri Prespa
  • Mount Olympus

Special Protection Areas / Ramsar Sites

  • Nestos delta & coastal lagoons
  • Lake Kerkini
  • Axios, Loudias, Aliakmon delta
  • Lakes Volvi & Koronia
  • Lake Mikri Prespa


National Parks

  • Vikos-Aoos / Zagorohoria
  • Valia Calda / Pindos

Special Protection Areas / Ramsar Sites

  • Amvrakikos gulf


Marine National Parks

  • National Marine Park of Alonissos, North Sporades

Special Protection Areas

  • Mt Kato Olympos, Tempi, Mt Ossa and Pineios Delta

Sterea Elladas

National Parks

  • Mt Parnassos
  • Mt Oiti
  • Mt Parnitha
  • Sounion

Special Protection Areas

  • Spercheios Delta
  • Messolonghi and Aitolikon Lagoons, Acheloos and Evinos Delta


Special Protection Areas / Ramsar Sites

  • Kotychi lagoon
  • Kalogria Lagoon,
    Strofylia Forest and Lamia Marshes
  • Vouraikos Ravine and Kalavryta

Ionian Islands

National Parks

  • Ainos (Cephalonia)

Marine National Parks

  • Zakynthos National Marine Park


National Parks

  • Samaria Gorge