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Protected Areas in Guyana
There are two existing National Protected Areas in Guyana:
- Kaieteur National Park, which was originally established in 1929 under the Kaieteur National Park Act. The Park covers today 242 square miles. The main tourist attraction is the waterfall, one of the most dramatic places in Guyana, with a 741 foot drop.
- Iwokrama Wilderness Preserve, created in March 1997 under the Iwokrama International Center for Rainforest Conservation and Development Act. Under this legislation, approximately half of the Center’s 360,000 ha site will constitute a Wilderness Preserve, while other areas will be used for sustainable use of natural resources.

There are then some Proposed National Protected Areas:
- Kanuku Mountains
- Mount Roraima
- Orinduik Falls
- Shell Beach
- South-Eastern Forest.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was established under the Environmental Protection (EP) Act of 1996. Its Mandate is to promote, facilitate and coordinate effective environmental management and protection, as well as the sustainable use of Guyana's natural resources.

Source: Environmental Protection Agency - Guyana