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Parks, Reserves, and Other Protected Areas in



National Parks

  • Jal Az-Zor

Marine Parks

  • Bobiyan
  • Qar
  • Umm al-Maradim


  • Al-Batin desert
  • Al-Khiran desert

Nature Reserves

  • Al-Khairan
  • Dawhat Al Zorq
  • Failaka island
  • Getty reef
  • Indries Rock
  • Jahra pool
  • Mud Flats
  • Naval Base reef
  • Oit'at Mudayrah
  • Oit'at Urgfijan
  • Qast (Umm al Rimam)
  • Umm Al-Aish Rock
  • Um-Niqqa desert P
  • Wadi Al-Batin

Scientific Reserves

  • Sulaybia Experimental Station

Wildlife Nature Reserves

  • Sabah Al-Ahmed

Other Protected Areas

  • Doha
  • Khadmh (Kadhima)
  • Khawr Mufattah
  • Kubbar (Jazirat Kubbar)
Protected Areas in Kuwait
The Protected Areas Division, together with the Wildlife Development Division and the Marine Organism Monitoring Division, is part of the Living Resource Department of the Environment Public Authority (EPA) of Kuwait.
This Division specializes in the following:
- the selection of the settlements locations and following up the necessary efforts for establishing these settlements and providing them with the necessary utilities, and to run them in cooperation with other concerned bodies;
- to organize the exploitation of these settlement for scientific and recreation purposes, and to put these settlements under control;
- to monitor types and numbers of primitive organisms in the protected areas and to follow up their developments;
- to prepare and execute programs of resettling endangered organisms in the Kuwaiti environment within the limits of the natural settlements;
- to cooperate and coordinate with the regional, national and international organizations in organizing settlement works.

Protected Areas
According to the data provided by the World Database on Protected Areas, in Kuwait there are one National Park, 3 Marine Parks, 14 Nature Reserves, one Scientific Reserve, one Wildlife Nature Reserve, two Parks, and four other Protected Areas.

Source: Environment Public Authority; World Database on Protected Areas (WCPA)