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National Parks

  • Andohahela (www)
  • Andringitra (www)
  • Ankarafantsika (www)
  • Ankarana (www)
  • Baie de Baly (www)
  • Bemaraha (www)
  • Isalo (www)
  • Kirindy Mitea (www)
  • Mananara Nord (www)
  • Mantadia Andasibe (www)
  • Marojejy (www, www)
  • Masoala (www)
  • Midongy Befotaka (www)
  • Montagne d'Ambre (www)
  • Ranomafana (www)
  • Tsimanampetsotsa (www)
  • Tsingy de Namoroka (www)
  • Zahamena (www)
  • Zombitse Vohibasia (www)

Marine National Parks

  • Mananara Nord (www)
  • Sahamalaza (www)

Complete Nature Reserves

  • Bemaraha (www)
  • Betampona (www)
  • Lokobe (www)
  • Tsaratanana (www)
  • Zahamena (www)

Special Reserves

  • Ambatovaky (www)
  • Ambohijanahary (www)
  • Ambohitantely (www)
  • Andasibe Analamazaotra (www)
  • Andranomena (www)
  • Anjanaharibe Sud (www)
  • Bemarivo (www)
  • Bezaha Mahafaly (www)
  • Bora (www)
  • Cap Sainte Marie (www)
  • Ivohibe (www)
  • Kalambatritra (www)
  • Kasijy (www)
  • Mangerivola (www)
  • Maningoza (www)
  • Manombo (www)
  • Manongarivo (www)
  • Marotandrano (www)
  • Montagne et Forêt d’Ambre (www)
  • Tampoketsa-Analamaintso (www)

World Heritage Convention

  • The Royal Hill of Ambohimanga
  • Tsingy de Bemaraha Strict Nature Reserve

Wetlands of International Importance (Ramsar)

  • Complexe des lacs de Manambolomaty
  • Lac Tsimanampetsotsa
  • Le Lac Alaotra: les zones humides et basin
  • Marais de Torotorofotsy avec leurs bassins versants

UNESCO-MAB Biosphere Reserves

  • Littoral de Toliara
  • Réserve de la biosphère du Mananara Nord
  • Sahamalaza - Iles Radama

Cloud Forest Site

  • Andringitra Massif
  • Ankaratra Massif
  • Massif du Marojejy
  • Massif du Tsaratanana
Protected Areas in Madagascar
Particularly pampered by the nature, Madagascar, island of the Indian Ocean, is globally known for its biodiversity's richness.
Malagasy Fauna and Flora have a very high endemic rate: 80% of the animal species and 90% of vegetation are restricted to the island.
On a world scale, Madagascar represents exceptional and impressive mega diversity. Indeed, Madagascar, island of the Western Indian Ocean (COI) is a part of the 34 hot spots of the world biodiversity. It is a rather flattering label because it makes the "Big island" one of the most important regions in terms of rare habitats and leading species. The conservation of this natural richness is thus registered in the international diary.
This leading position on the international chessboard has made the island an excellent land of scientific research but also a main point of ecotourism.

Madagascar National Parks
Madagascar National Parks was founded in 1990. This Association of private right has been recognized of public utility through the decree n° 91-592 of December 4, 1991. It assures the conservation and the lasting and rational management of the national network of the national parks and reserves of Madagascar. This conservation mission suggests an environmental education, a valorization of the ecotourism and science and finally an equitable sharing of the profits, generated by protected areas, with the riparian population.

Sources: Madagascar National Parks