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Parks, Reserves, and Other Protected Areas in



National Parks

  • Baoulé
  • Kouroufing
  • Wongo

Wildlife Reserves

  • Badinko
  • Bafing Makana
  • Banifing Baoulé
  • Fina
  • Kéniébaoulé
  • Kongossambougou
  • NienendouGou
  • Siankadougou
  • Talikourou

Partial Wildlife Reserves

  • Ansongo Ménaka
  • Gourma

Forest Reserves

  • Sounsan


  • Bafing Chimpanzee Sanctuary

Zone of Scientific Interest for Flora

  • Unknown name

Other Protected Areas

  • Bafing - Falémé

Wetlands of International Importance (Ramsar)

  • Delta Intérieur du Niger

World Heritage Convention

  • Cliffs of Bandiagara (Land of the Dogons)
  • Old Towns of Djenné
  • Timbuktu
  • Tomb of Askia (Le Tombeau des Askia)

UNESCO-MAB Biosphere Reserves

  • Parc national de la Boucle du Baoulé
Protected Areas in Mali
The management of national parks and faunal reserves is entrusted to the National Parks Department (Direction des parcs nationaux). The Forest Service is responsible for the land management within the forest domain, including classified forests. Both the Forest Service and National Parks Department are part of the Department of Water and Forests (Direction générale des eaux et forêts), in the Ministry of Natural Resources and Livestock.

The first national park, Boucle de Baoulé, and seven faunal reserves were established during the 1950s in the south of the country, following promulgation of decrees during the French colonial rule. The three Ramsar sites, biosphere reserve and World Heritage site were established between 1982-1989. The Saharan zone and its habitats have no protection in Mali. Excluding classified forests, the protected areas system covered in 1992 the 3.7% of the country.

Sources: UNEP-WCMC, World Database on Protected Areas