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Special Protected Areas

Strictly Protected Areas
  • Bogdxan Uul
  • Dornod Mongol
  • Great Gobi
  • Lesser Gobi
  • Mongol Daguur
  • Nömrög
  • Otgontenger Uul
  • Uvs Nuuryn Ai Sav
  • Xan Xentii
  • Xasagt Xairxan
  • Xor'dol Sar'dag
  • Xöx Serxiin Nuruu
National Conservation Parks
  • Altai Tavan Bogd
  • Gorxi -Terelzh
  • Gov' Gurvan Saixan
  • Noyon Xangai
  • Xangain Nuruu
  • Xar Us Nuur
  • Xorgo – Terxiin Cagaan Nuur
  • Xövsgöl
  • Xustain Nuruu
Nature Reserves
  • Alag Khairkhan
  • Batkhaan
  • Bulgan River
  • Burkhan Buudai
  • Develyn aral
  • Erglyn Zoo
  • Ikh nart
  • Khar yamaat
  • Khugnekhaan
  • Lkhachinvandad
  • Nagalkhaan mountain
  • Sharga-Mankhan
  • Toson hulslai
  • Ugtam Mountain
  • Yakhi lake
  • Zagiin us
  • Bulgan Mountain
  • Eej Khairkhan
  • Ganga Lake
  • Khuisyn Naiman Lakes
  • Suikhent
  • Uran-Togco-Tulga Mountain
Protected Areas in Mongolia

Department of Special Protected Areas Administration
It is responsible for the implementation of laws and regulations concerning Special Protected Areas. Its functions include coordinating activities related to the expansion of the Special Protected Areas network and the implementation of associated programs, projects and actions, as well as providing professional and practical assistance to the administrative authorities of SPAs. It focuses on assuring an integration of policies and actions promoting sustainable natural resource use and ecological balance. These responsibilities are carried out by developing partnerships with all organizations engaged in policy implementation, ensuring the effective allocation of resources, and organizing and coordinating their activities in line with government policy, programs and plans.

Management of Nature Reserves and Monuments
Eighteen of Mongolia's SPAs are classified as "Nature Reserves", and a further six SPAs are classified as "Monuments" (natural or mixed natural-cultural heritage sites). Such areas account for only 0.38 percent of SPAs. Based on their respective site conservation objectives, Nature Reserves are divided into four sub-categories (complex, historical artefacts, biological, and geological nature reserves) and Monuments into two sub-categories (natural and historical-cultural monuments).

Source: Ministry of Nature and Environment of Mongolia; World Database on Protected Areas (WDPA)