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Transfrontier Parks

  • Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park (www)

Proposed Transfrontier Park

  • Lubombo Transfrontier Conservation and Resource Area

National Parks

  • Banhine
  • Bazaruto Archipelago
  • Gorongosa
  • Limpopo (www)
  • Primeira and Segunda Islands
  • Quirimbas
  • Rovuma
  • San Sebastian Peninsula
  • Zinave

Marine National Parks

  • Nacala-Mossuril

Wildlife Reserves

  • Ilhas da Inhaca e dos Portugueses
  • Ponto do Ouro - Kosi Bay

Game Reserves

  • Gilé
  • Maputo
  • Marromeu
  • Niassa (www)
  • Pomene

Hunting Reserves

  • Coutada N. 11
  • Coutada N. 12
  • Coutada N.1 Extension (Piro)
  • Coutada N.13 Extension (Kanga ntoce)
  • Coutada Official N. 15
  • Coutada Official N. 7
  • Coutada Official N. 8
  • Coutada Official N. 9
  • Coutada official N.13
  • Coutada Official N.6
  • Coutada Oficial N. 10
  • Coutada Oficial N. 14

Wildlife Utilization Area

  • Limpopo Valley
  • Zambezi

Forest Reserves

  • Baixo Pinda
  • Bobole
  • Derre
  • Inhaca
  • Inhamitanga
  • Licuati
  • Maribano
  • Maronga
  • Matibane
  • Mecuburi
  • Mucheve
  • Nepalue
  • Nhapacue
  • Ribaue
  • Rio Maputo
  • Zomba

World Heritage Convention

  • Ilha de Mozambique (www)

Cloud Forest Site

  • Chimanimani Mountains
  • Mount Chiperone
  • Mount Domue
  • Mount Gorongosa
  • Namuli Massif
Protected Areas in Mozambique
Direcção Nacional de Florestas e Fauna Bravia (Forests and Wild Fauna National Authority) is one of the five national departments forming the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MADER). The main function of this department is the setting of exploitation and conservation policies and strategies for the forests, fauna, and territorial waters of Mozambique. For this reason, it works together with other organs within MADER, as well as with other Departments in order to establish priorities, policies, measures, and regulations to guarantee the protection, conservation, sustainable and rational use of the forest and fauna resources of Mozambique.

The Department of Tourism collaborates with the Department of Agriculture in the management of some protected areas to better promote the tourist potentialities, ecotourism development, and implementation of projects of tourist corridors between the coast and the hinterland.

Transfrontier Parks
The Parks marked with the logo are the Mozambique areas within Transfrontier Parks or Transfrontier Conservation Areas. The Transfrontier Park is:
- Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park (Mozambique, South Africa and Zimbabwe).
A number of protocols between the relevant countries have been signed. The most important of these being the Lubombo Transfrontier Trilateral Protocol, which was signed between Mozambique, South Africa and Swaziland on 22 June 2000.

Sources: World Database of Protected Areas, Peace Parks Foundation