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Nature Reserves

  • Ayen Al-Fashkha
  • Ayen Qeenya
  • Gaza Beach
  • Sebaste
  • Solomon's Ponds and Artas Village
  • Um Al-Reehan
  • Wadi Al-Bazan
  • Wadi Al-Qaff
  • Wadi El-Qilt
  • Wadi Khareitoun

Proposed Nature Reserves

  • Wadi Gaza

Nature Reserves in the Territories Turned over to the Palestinian Authority in the three stages: 1995, Sept. 15, 1999, and Jan. 17, 2000

  • Fahma
  • Muzeimen (Woodland)
  • Shubash
  • Tayaseer
  • Um Attoot (Woodland)

Nature Reserves in Tubas Governorate

  • Tamoun Mount

Nature Reserves in Nablus Governorate

  • Al-Kabeer Mount
  • Sheikh Zayed
  • Za'tara

Nature Reserves in Tulkarem Governorate

  • Bier Hejja
  • Sheikh Al-Tabban

Nature Reserves in Salfeit Governorate

  • Wadi Al-Zarqa' Al-Olwi

Nature Reserves in Ramallah Governorate

  • Al-Hashimi
  • Ayen Dara
  • Deir Amar
  • Sheikh Al-Qasr
  • Wadi Al-Dulb

Nature Reserves in Hebron Governorate

  • Al-Katoob

Nature Reserves Proposed by the Israeli Side

  • Alam Al-Huda
  • Al-Muqattam (Hebron)
  • Beit Marsem (Hebron)
  • Deir Al-Balah (Hebron)
  • Karza (Hebron)
  • Suba (Hebron)
  • Wadi Al-Qaff (Hebron)
  • Wadi Khreitoun (Bethlehem)
Protected Areas in Palestine
Some areas in Palestine have special environmental significance, as they contain various species of plants and animals, as well as particular geophysical features. Therefore, these areas should receive much care and protection, and the population should have the chance to enjoy them.

The Ministry of Environmental Affairs
MEnA is playing an important role as the planning, coordinating and executive body aiming at improving environmental standards as well as the approach towards the environment in the Palestinian Territories. Since it is the central representative authoritative body responsible for all environmental issues in the Palestinian Territories, MEnA has been working very hard to face all environmental constraints, including natural resource depletion and environmental pollution, through an approach towards sustainable development. MEnA aims at developing human resources and capacity building and at promoting environmental awareness programs and activities in order to reach good results in the use and protection of environmental resources, arid land management, struggle against desertification, biodiversity conservation, pollution control, and awareness raising.

Source: Ministry of Environmental Affairs